Our Surrey Vision

The 20/20 Vision is a project by the Downtown Surrey Business Improvement Association, which approaches a community driven change through active engagements and ideas from all Surrey citizens of all different backgrounds. 

Looking into the potential of a city in transition, the 20/20 Vision Project represents and compiles the hopes and dreams of residents in Downtown Surrey and all areas of the City who see this as THEIR Downtown. What do you love about Downtown Surrey? What makes Downtown Surrey a wonderful home and an ideal place to learn, work and play?

Why 20/20 Vision?

Our report will build a clear vision for the future of Downtown Surrey and will be presented at the beginning of 2020 as a guideline for future initiatives to make your dream downtown come to life. 

Your ideas matter: Real innovations of the City’s core comes from its own citizens

In addition to reflecting what makes Downtown Surrey a great place, we want your positive, imaginative and actionable responses in order to build the future of our downtown. You will realize great possibilities of Downtown Surrey as you walk along with us throughout the 20/20 Vision Project.

Where is this going?

Everything we learn through this process will be collected, studied and synthesized, to help vision the future of Downtown Surrey. The data collected will be used to help shape Downtown Surrey and highlight ideas that can be implemented by the City, Downtown Surrey BIA, other stakeholders, and community members on behalf of YOU to better your experience in Downtown Surrey. (This report will also be available to the public.)

What you experience and see are distinctive. 


Your vision is essential to the future of Surrey’s heart. 


Downtown Surrey is our downtown; it belongs to us all.


Let’s build our downtown together, shall we?